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How to change the scenario start location

There are situations when you want to move the scenario start location (the location of the camera at the start of the scenario). You may have changed your mind, or you may have moved the scenario marker (the orange icon) by mistake.

Moving the scenario marker, or indeed moving any object, manually in the scenario editor is a long and frustrating operation. It has been made a little easier with TS 2015: the gizmo for moving/rotating/scaling a selected object has been made easier to use, and you can now choose to move the object along its own coordinates, in addition to world coordinates (the home icon in the picture below).
Over long distances it is not practical and it is fraught with peril, usually ending up in losing the marker altogether.
Also, as shown in the above picture, it can be difficult to find the correct marker when there are several.
Here is a much easier way, although it involves manually editing xml files.
Let's say you have an existing scenario ("old scenario") for which you want to move the marker.
1- In the scenario editor, create a new scenario for the same route, placing the scenario marker where you want it. Save and exit.
2- Using RW Tools or any other method (such as looking at file dates), find the correct folders for both the old and the new scenarios.
   They will be under Steam\Steamapps\Common\Railworks\Content\Routes\[Route ID]\Scenarios
3- In the folder for the NEW scenario, open ScenarioProperties.xml in a text editor or, if absent, open ScenarioProperties.bin in RW Tools.
4- Select and Copy (Ctrl-C) the whole <Gizmo></Gizmo> node (around 40 lines). Close the file.
5- In the folder for the OLD scenario, open ScenarioProperties.xml in a text editor or, if absent, open ScenarioProperties.bin in RW Tools. If this is also absent, you will have to extract the file from the .ap archive supplied with the route, using RW-Tools or 7zip.
6- Select the whole <Gizmo></Gizmo> node and Paste (Ctrl-V) over it with the text you copied from the new scenario.
7- Save the file and exit.
8- You can now delete the new scenario.
Thanks to user 37114 on UKTrainSim.com forums for this trick.
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