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Railworks America gets a face lift!

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Welcome to the new web site of Railworks America! It has been created using the Joomla CMS system. The file library here is a seperate entity that displays files in a catalog fashion and has a search function that only searches through the files and their entries not the entire site. There is however a site wide search for the other parts of the RWA web site, like the FAQ and Tutorial sections that are constantly under construction, RCAP will have information on itself, the Payware Advertisers area and anything else written on the site somewhere.

At this time the move of the file library to it's new location is still an under going process. So far all of the routes, models and miscelleanous files have been moved. I am working on the rolling stock section and am also breaking it up in to 3 sections. Engine repaints, rolling stock (cars) and accessories. Each file had to be downloaded, then reuploaded then the information for each file including added date, times downloaded, whose it was, screenshots, file size, any updates and what was in the readme was entered for each one. No small chore. In the meantime the original file library will still be accessable to download the rolling stock and scenarios that have not been moved. A notice will be posted in the forums all about it and supply the link.

Once I figured out a system it started to go faster. I am actually copying info from the original RWA site to the new, so everything will be the same but look different and be organized differently as well as a new searching system. I guesstimate it will be at least 10 days of work. I may have a helper to do the scenarios which would shave 4 days off.

The goal is to have a place to retrieve information and files that pertain to Train Simulator 2013 or Railworks to a lot of us. We have a good community in the forums with a lot of information, but at the same time it is all over the place. Along with being hard to find in the forum you also have hundreds of posts that are just general chit chat, which is fine, but gets in the way of information seeking. The web site will be able to handle all of the good information in an organized and searchable way, with out all the general chatter of the forums. It will be just straight up information. Let's keep this thing alive!

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