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RW&A Route now available

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As you may know, Railworks America moved from a shared server to a dedicated server because we just got too busy and were using up too many resources of the server. This move came with a significant price increase. In order to help keep RWA going Rick Grout of G-Trax and Michael Stephan of Golden Age of Railroading and Jim Friedland and Wayne Campbell got together and created this route for us. Your donation for this package will ensure that it will.

The route is set in the 50's. It is a shortline connected to 2 major roads. It is 13 miles long and has many industries to deliver to and pick up from. There are also 4 passenger stations/stops. All of the assets were created by the route builders, so nothing external is required to run this route. An RS-1 ALCO as well as rolling stock were built for the route. There are diesel facilities and also steam facilities.

In order to have an AI structure for the major roads, a loop was created around the entire route just for AI to use. Portals are also on the actual Lakeside route. Scenario writers should have all they need to create nice scenarios with some interaction with the AI.

A few scenarios come with the route, some freeroams and some standard. The Lakeside route is also Quick Drive ready.

A manual for the route and RS1 has been created by Rick Grout. A map of the route with high details has been created by Rick Foss. These are both installed to the Manuals folder of your Railworks installation with all the other manuals. A reskin kit is also available for the RS-1. It contains Photoshop PSD file with layers and descriptions of the parts.

Rolling Stock included:

3 - RS1s - RWA and 2 liveries for AI usage

1 - woodchip gondola

1 - 36 foot MOW boxcar

15 - 40 foot boxcars - in ATSF, BM, CBQ, CEI, CNW, GN, LV, MILW, MKT, NKP, NP, NW, PRR, RI & UP liveries

6 - 40 foot DS boxcars - in ATSF, CBQ, NP, NYC, RI & SLSF liveries

2 - Cabooses - RWA and Grey

1 - Cattle car - 4 options - Loaded, loaded with open door, empty and empty with open door

8 - Flat car loads - cable, crates, I-beams, logs, pipes, rails and 2 timber loads.

3 - Gondola loads - coal, coils and gravel

2 - 55 ton hopper - RWA covered and MILW open

1 - 70 ton hopper - MILW open

3 - Ore hoppers - RWA, MILW and GN

1 - Pickle car

6 - Reefers - GN, MILW & NP - open or closed states

1 - Tank car - OTLX

For a $15 donation you get everything listed. Please help support Railworks America.


Get it here : http://railworksamerica.com/index.php/home/donationware/item/226-rwa-lakeside-route


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