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Thank You from Railworks America

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I want to thank Rick Grout, Michael Stephan, Jim Friedland and Wayne Campbell for creating and donating the Lakeside Route for Railworks America to sell in order to pay for the dedicated server we now have. This was an extremely generous thing to do. It ensures that the site will stay active for several years.

I want to thank the more than 300 people who have purchased it already. Without your support, what we have now would not be possible.

I want to thank the people who created a bunch of scenarios and repaints for the route. Adding diversity to it all.

I want to thank the people who are purchasing the RWA Rolling Stock package by Michael Stephan and Dick Cowen and the Caboose Kit by Tom Pearce. These packages continue to add funds to the kitty.

And I want to thank all the people who just donate because they want to.

It makes me very proud to operate a site with all of you good people who care and contribute to the good of the site. Without you, Railworks America would not survive.

The Lakeside route is a big success. The initial sales were overwhelming for me. It has now trickled down to a normal few sales a week. Might need some more advertising, I don't know. I am not very good at hawking products as I usually give everything away. If anyone can put out the word about the route the help would be appreciated.

At any rate we are good for at least 3 years of server use at this time. I am not worried any more about maintaining the site.

Thank You very much to everyone involved.

Bob Artim
Proprietor: Railworks America


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