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Route Collection


Route Collection


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    Queen Mary Island Railroad Final

    by Jack (goddrauG)

    This is an extension of the fictional Queen Mary Island Railroad, extending from the Canadian island capitol of Holland in the southwest to St. Nazaire in the northeast.

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    Powder River Basin

    by Tim Zork (Tomcat)

    This file is the route Powder River Basin, designed a few years ago by Tim Zork (Tomcat) and left unfinished. The file contains only the route main folder without the assets, which have to be provided by the user downloading this one.

    There are 3 files to download, using the drop-down list below.

    Make sure you download and install all 3 files!

    *** This download is 1.5 GB total. Please download only if you plan to use it ***
    *** Thanks for helping to keep our bandwidth usage to reasonable levels ***

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    Queen Mary Island Railroad

    by Jack (goddrauG)

    The Queen Mary Island Railroad is a small (roughly 2 miles of trackage, spurs and yard tracks included) route set on a fictional Canadian island in between Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

    *** This version is deprecated. The final and complete version of the route is available here:


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    South Kaiser & Trent Mountain Route ver 3.0

    by John (mindenjohn)

    The original route was a Steam Workshop route posted by CSX846 which was revised by Peter Z (pkz19) and posted in the RWA library in July 2019.

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    Blackwood Creek 1990 Revisited

    by John (mindenjohn)

    In 2021 I published via the RWA library a "back dated" version (with permission) and this version is an extension of it plus some inspiration from Ironcat60. In addition I have added to the package some custom assets - repainted engines, repainted freight cars and some billboards for specific customers.

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    Pogwassek Island Railway 1960-70s

    by John (mindenjohn)

    This route is based on the route T&B "The East End" by goddrauG, available in the RWA library. The original route is set in Maine in recent times, this variant is set in the 1960s - 1970s.

    Make sure you download both the route file and the assets file, using the drop-down menu just below.

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    Pogwassek Island Route

    by goddrauG

    In the Downeast region of Maine we find ourselves with two (completely fictional) railroads: the Pogwassek Railway (PRWY) and the Prescott and Cedar Island Railroad (P&CI).

    The PRWY is a uniquely isolated operation on an island, lacking a connection to the mainland besides a barge with a crane that can lift lighter freight cars on and off, and uses relatively lighter rails than most railroads.

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    Chicago Goose Island and North Side Switching Beta V2.0

    By MonieurMungo (AKA:HastaLaVistaBaby on Steam)

    This route is based off of a real terminal freight network that once ran in Chicago.

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    Adriana County RR v2.0

    by John (mindenjohn)

    This is a variation on the magnificent route developed by Mark Howarth (Lt. Bligh). Originally a Steam
    Workshop route subsequently revised and made available through the RWA library I have married the two
    and fiddled around. The credit for this route lies with Mark Howarth as without his fine work none of
    this would exist.

    **** This version supercedes all versions previously posted by me. ****

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    Thurmont & Brandford

    By Jack Duffin (goddrauG)

    The Thurmont and Branford railroad is a small shortline in Mid-Western New Hampshire. Passing through classic New England scenery, the route should be enjoyable for those who like running trains in the northeast.

    *** New version updated 2022-07-17 ***

    *** Route markers added 2022-07-29 ***

    Make sure you also download the route markers file, using the drop-down menu below.

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    Kentucky 1935

    by Zawal

    Welcome to the Kentucky of the 20s/30s!

    You will drive steam trains of minerals or passengers according to your desires.

    You will ride along the Cumberland River from Loyall to Big Branch over a length of 40km. You have :

    - 2 coal mines
    - 6 passenger stations
    - 1 fruit break
    - 1 grum camp
    - Several Quick Drives
    - 1 free roam
    - A typical atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties!!

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    Mississippi Route

    By Zawal

    This 11-mile route goes from Louisiana to Clarksville along the Mississippi in 1930s Ohio. Guaranteed "Tom Sawyer" experience!
    It offers two passenger stations and several freight services along the river.
    It includes some Quick Drives and a free roam scenario.

    *** Make sure to download both files from the drop-down list right below ***

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    Blackwood Creek Branch 1990 Rev. 1

    by John Hayward (Mindenjohn)

    Blackwood Creek 1990 is an adaption/extension of the original Blackwood Creek route by Lt. Bligh, originally posted on the Steam Workshop.

    ***Rev. 1 ***

    This revision corrects the missing track on the Spartan Branch and corrects a few incomplete turnouts. Some signals have moved slightly as part of the revision in order to get the turnouts right.


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    Atlantic Bay Terminal Plus

    by John (Mindenjohn)

    This is an extension of the original Atlantic Bay Terminal route, a Steam Workshop route by
    Great Northerner (Michael Stephan). It is based on the Timesaver switching concept with
    relatively short trains and small locomotives.

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    Big Sky Country - the MRL route

    These are the current files for the Big Sky Country route. The route is a work in progress.

    There are 3 files, please read the text carefully before you download any of them.

    The Maria's Pass payware route from DTG is required.

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    Norfolk Southern J.L. Chestnut Railyard

    Norfolk Southern J.L. Chestnut Railyard by J.Thomas (Kcsouthern32)

    Norfolk_Southern_J.L_Chestnut_Railyard_Route.zip - 476 MB

    The route is located in the Central Alabama State in Selma not for from Montgomery, Alabama

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    PENNSYLVANIA STEAM by Michael Stephan and crew

    PennSteam.zip - 830 MB

    - Conneaut to North Bessemer - Steam and Steel in the 1920s

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    The Strasburg Railroad 1920

    by Jimmy Lambert (Fleegle411)

    The Strasburg Railroad is a 4.5 mile-long shortline railroad nestled in rural Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Today it is known as a tourist railroad. One hundred years ago however, it was a very different story. This route is an approximate re-creation of the Strasburg Railroad as it was around 1920.

    The route requires the Bessemer & Lake Erie Route, Horseshoe Curve Route, and US Asset Pack DLCs.

    The Scenarios require some additional content that is listed in the readme file.

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    COLUMBIA VALLEY PACIFIC (V1) by Wayne Campbell

    WACampbell_CVPRoute_V1.zip - 353 MB

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    South Kaiser & Trent Mountain Division

    South Kaiser & Trent Mountain Division by Peter Z (pkz19)

    South Kaiser.zip - 9.2 MB


    UPDATED July 7, 2019 Fix folder name

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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