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Route Collection


Route Collection


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    Atlantic Bay Terminal Plus

    by John (Mindenjohn)

    This is an extension of the original Atlantic Bay Terminal route, a Steam Workshop route by
    Great Northerner (Michael Stephan). It is based on the Timesaver switching concept with
    relatively short trains and small locomotives.

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    Big Sky Country - the MRL route

    These are the current files for the Big Sky Country route. The route is a work in progress.

    There are 3 files, please read the text carefully before you download any of them.

    The Maria's Pass payware route from DTG is required.

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    Norfolk Southern J.L. Chestnut Railyard

    Norfolk Southern J.L. Chestnut Railyard by J.Thomas (Kcsouthern32)

    Norfolk_Southern_J.L_Chestnut_Railyard_Route.zip - 476 MB

    The route is located in the Central Alabama State in Selma not for from Montgomery, Alabama

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    PENNSYLVANIA STEAM by Michael Stephan and crew

    PennSteam.zip - 830 MB

    - Conneaut to North Bessemer - Steam and Steel in the 1920s

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    The Strasburg Railroad 1920

    by Jimmy Lambert (Fleegle411)

    The Strasburg Railroad is a 4.5 mile-long shortline railroad nestled in rural Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Today it is known as a tourist railroad. One hundred years ago however, it was a very different story. This route is an approximate re-creation of the Strasburg Railroad as it was around 1920.

    The route requires the Bessemer & Lake Erie Route, Horseshoe Curve Route, and US Asset Pack DLCs.

    The Scenarios require some additional content that is listed in the readme file.

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    COLUMBIA VALLEY PACIFIC (V1) by Wayne Campbell

    WACampbell_CVPRoute_V1.zip - 353 MB

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    Blackwood Creek Branch 1990

    Blackwood Creek Branch 1990 by John Hayward (Mindenjohn)

    Blackwood Creek Branch 1990.7z - 13 MB

    New route

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    South Kaiser & Trent Mountain Division

    South Kaiser & Trent Mountain Division by Peter Z (pkz19)

    South Kaiser.zip - 9.2 MB


    UPDATED July 7, 2019 Fix folder name

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    Cheyenne 1869 Extension, Laramie Plains

    Cheyenne 1869 Extension, Laramie Plains by (DanSSG)

    This route is an extension of the Cheyenne 1869 route, built by Smokebox. In stage two it replicates the route of the First Transcontinental Railroad between Cheyenne and Medicine Bow over the Sherman Hill and the Laramie Plains like it was in 1869.

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    Rutherford Junction

    Rutherford Junction by John Hayward (Mindenjohn)


    An imaginary network set in the USA. It is a secondary route running roughly East (Rose Valley) – West (Holliday) with branches to the South and South West.

    Repaints for the Alco S2 are also available.

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    Ohio CSX Route 2019

    Ohio CSX Route 2019 by Robin Jose (bulljose)

    Ohio CSX Route 2019.zip - 29MB

    newest up dated route version

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    APPLE VALLEY 2019 by Robin Jose (bulljose)

    APPLE VALLEY 2019.zip - 107 MB

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    G-TraX Maine Maritime Switching Route

    G-TraX Maine Maritime Switching Route by Rick Grout & Company (ricksan)

    G-TraX_MaineMaritime_v0.2.zip - 221 MB

    Maine Maritime primarily showcases switching activities in and around the city of Portland, Maine

    UPDATE: 02/10/19 This version replaces all previous versions and patches. Existing users should remove the earlier version(s) and download this version in their place.

    UPDATE: 02/13/19 Patch v0.2.1 fixes the bump in the turnout in Rigby Yard and adds a Route Description HTML file. Select the patch file next to the blue "Download" button below.

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    Small Slope route by Zawal

    Small Slope route by Zawal

    Zawal_Small_Slope_1_0_0.zip (98 MB)

    This is a 25-mile prototype line on the Canada-US border.
    You will be loading lumber, coal and even passengers.

    You need: Donner Pass route;  Feather River Canyon route; US assets; Euro assets; some other free assets.

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    South Colton, Cajon Pass & California Desert

    South Colton, Cajon Pass & California Desert by William Putnam (William_Putnam)

    South Colton FINAL.rar - 110 MB

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    Genesis Crossing

    Genesis Crossing by John Hayward (Mindenjohn)

    Genesis Crossing.zip -120 MB

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    New Orleans

    New Orleans by (Zawal)

    New Orleans.7z - 110MB

    I just replicated part of the New Orleans freight network.

    You need: Pacific Surfliner route; US assets.

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    NJ Transit RiverLine Light Rail Route WIP

    NJ Transit RiverLine Light Rail Route by Will (Main Line Productions)

    A major WIP of the NJT RiverLine light rail route.

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    Cheyenne 1869 Extension, Sherman Hill

    Cheyenne 1869 Extension, Sherman Hill by Dan (DanSSG)

    Cheyenne_1869_Ext_Stage_One.zip - 107.5 MB

    Cheyenne 1869 Route Extension

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    CSAO Southern Secondary

    CSAO Southern Secondary by no name (coastlinerailfan1)

    CSAO Southern Secondary.zip - 12 MB

    The Conrail Southern Secondary is a low-grade freight line running from Red Bank to Lakewood, NJ

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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