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Starting scenario with brakes applied on player engine

RWA member OldProf says:

This is something I've never encountered before: a scenario I'm working on begins with the player train located on a siding that slopes downward toward the train's rear. When the scenario starts, the train begins rolling slowly but surely down that slope because its brakes are not applied.

I've examined all of the available instructions in the scenario editor without finding anything that sets brakes, so for now I've settled for an opening instruction that tells the driver to set them, but I'm hoping that a better solution is available.

RWA member ATSFFAN provided the solution which works perfectly. Here's what I did:

1) In the editor, cloned my scenario and saved it; quit TS2016.
2) Opened TS again, opened cloned scenario for editing.
3) In the Scenario Marker Fly-out, checked the box (lower-left corner) and used F2 to save scenario.
4) Started scenario by clicking on big yellow arrow, set the engine's brake just enough to hold the train on the slope, pressed Ctrl+F2, acknowledged "Save Rolling Start" message, quit scenario.
5) After shutting down TS and restarting it, tested scenario: success! Scenario opened with brakes set.

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