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ChrisTrains tutorials


Well-known and respected model builder Chris Longhurst from Nederlands has published excellent modding/modeling tutorials on the following topics:

  • TrainGlassWeatherEffects.fx
  • Train autonumbering
  • Level of detail (LOD)
  • QuickDrive consists
  • Pivot points and couplings
  • Creating audio blueprints
  • Understanding audio occlusion blueprints


Although the tutorials use European assets, concepts and techniques are the same.


Also, Chris exposes and solves little-known and frustrating bugs, such as:

  • "Train Simulator has an interesting quirk with regards to the collision height; if that imaginary white box in the picture above dips below the ground at any point, it makes it impossible to actually get near the wagon in the game - engines and other wagons will bounce off it about 6-10m in front of the wagon itself. If the white box collides with the wheels, other rail vehicles can get near the wagon but the buffers will pass through each other."
  • "The blueprint editor has typos in it for the pivot points. Front pivot X should read Front Pivot Z and Back pivot X should read Back pivot Z."
  • "There is a bug in Train Simulator when it comes to audio occlusion files. When building a passenger wagon and needing a carriage interior occlusion file, the same occlusion file must be referenced in the carriage interior interface AND the cab interior interface (even though passenger wagons do not have a cab). If the occlusion file is not listed for the cab as well, the audio occlusion does not work in the game."



Link to ChrisTrains tutorials



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