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    Hayden Freight

    Hayden Freight by no name (StrategyFirst)

    Hayden_Freight.zip - 135 kb

    This is a short 30-minute scenario designed to get you familiar with the freight operations on the New Haven Springfield Line, using a short freight set hauled by two RS3's

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    VNHRR: A Safe Haven (Updated)

    VNHRR: A Safe Haven (Updated) by Callum Beatson (StrategyFirst)

    A_Safe_Haven.zip - 122 kb

    Fixes problems with last scenario

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    Detours: Part 4(AS) modified

    Detours: Part 4(AS) modified by Tom Pallen (OldProf)

    Detours, Part 4(AS) modified.zip - 257 kb

    Authorized modification of a VRC scenario for Horseshoe Curve

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    VNHRR Night Freight Run

    VNHRR Night Freight Run by Tom Pallen (OldProf)

    VNHRR_Night_Freight_Run.zip - 235 kb

    Scenario for the VNHRR Route

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    VNHRR Night Freight Make-up

    VNHRR Night Freight Make-up by Tom Pallen (OldProf)

    VNHRR_Night_Freight_Make-up.zip - 166 kb

    Scenario for VNHRR Route

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    MWPB-DAN-004 by Doug Niemi (DapperDan)

    MWPB-DAN-004.zip - 229 kb

    Finish your evening freight duties on Miami - West Palm Beach route

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    Tropicana Juice Express

    Tropicana Juice Express by Matthew Onusz (sabreman61)

    Tropicana Juice Express.7z - 135 kb

    Scenario for the Miami West Palm Beach Route

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    Forest Freight Scenario Set

    Forest Freight Scenario Set by James Friedland (Friedy)

    ForestFreight.zip - 442 kb

    5 part scenario for "Forest Rail" route

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    Hart-felt Switching Parts 1, 2, and 3

    Hart-felt Switching Parts 1, 2, and 3 by Tom Pallen (OldProf)

    Hart-felt_Switching_Parts_1_2_3.zip - 691 kb

    This package, created with RW_Tools, contains all 3 of my Hart-felt Switching scenarios

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    MWPB-DAN-003 by Doug Niemi (DapperDan)

    MWPB-DAN-003.zip - 190 kb

    More evening freight duties on Miami-West Palm Beach

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    TFN-DAN-001 by Doug Niemi (DapperDan)

    TFN-DAN-001.zip - 99 kb

    Morning feight duties on the Far North route

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    NEPA-DAN-003 by Doug Niemi (DapperDan)

    NEPA-DAN-003.zip - 287 kb

    Evening freight using VRC's GP-40 on NE-PA Division route

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    MWPB-DAN-002 by Doug Niemi (DapperDan)

    MWPB-DAN-002.zip - 185 kb

    Continue evening freight duties on Miami-West Palm Beach

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    Forest Rail Mine Inspection

    Forest Rail Mine Inspection by James Friedland (JimBF)

    FRMineInspect.zip - 516 kb

    Scenario for "The Story of Forest Rail" route

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    Forest Rail Sawakokawa Valley

    Forest Rail Sawakokawa Valley by James Friedland (Friedy)

    FRSawaValley.zip - 158 kb

    Scenario for "The Story of Forest Rail" route

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    MWPB-DAN-001 by Doug Niemi (DapperDan)

    MWPB-DAN-001.zip - 158 kb

    Early evening freight for Miami - West Palm Beach

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    Miami NW Industrial Turn Scenario Set

    Miami NW Industrial Turn Scenario Set by James Friedland (JimBF)

    MiamiNWInd.zip - 296 kb

    2 Part Scenario for Miami-West Palm Route

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    VNHRR Jones & Sons

    VNHRR-Jones & Sons by Josh Hall (jwtheiv)

    VNHRR-Jones & Sons.7z - 852 kb

    Switching in Springfield Yard

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    Westbound Grain MACs

    Westbound Grain MACs by Victor Mikhaylov (awaken1977)

    Westbound_grain_macs.zip - 316 kb

    Scenario for Canadian Mountain Passes and Canadian Pacific SD9043MAC (repaint of Eyein's SD90MAC by LukRailAmerica)

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    P&LE at the Bailey

    P&LE at the Bailey by Glenn Blum (glenn68)

    PLE at the Bailey.zip - 70 kb

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