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RW&A Consolidation Pack - update

TS 2018
Saturday, 12 May 2018

RW&A Consolidation Pack - update by  David A. Hardy (wopflyer)

RWA_Consolidation_Pack-Update.7z - 175 MB

This is an updated version of the RW&A Consolidation Pack, originally uploaded by Mikeg1250 in 2014

Mikeg1250's, RW&A Consolidation Pack - update

  First, I have to say that I DID NOT make the textures for these repaint's.  They were made by (Mikeg1250) and uploaded to Railworks America, "RWA Lakeside Addons" on September 20, 2014.  ( http://www.railworksamerica.com/index.php/download-library/rw-a-addons?view=document&;id=1423:rw-a-consolidation-pack&catid=30:rwa-lakeside-addons ) 

  The Smokebox Consolidation has been updated since (Mikeg1250) made these files and his version no longer works correctly.  So, I have  updated the .bin files and folder structure to conform with the current version of the Smokebox Consolidation (As of 5-3-2018).  And as a bonus, I added HUD version's of each of the RWA repaint's.  The texture files themselves have not been changed at all.  They are still the same files that (Mikeg1250) made in 2014, so all the credit for those go to him.

   And it goes without saying that you must have unzipped the contents of the file, "ConsolidationAssets.ap" into the "Railworks\Assets\Smokebox\Consolidation" folder for this repaint to work.

   1. Go to "Railworks\Assets\Smokebox\Consolidation" and delete the file "Blueprints.pak".  It's ok, you need to do this whenever you add a new repaint to an asset folder.  The game will make a new file once you load the game.

   2. Open the zip file and copy these files; "RWA Excursion", "RWA Excursion HUD", "RWA Freight", "RWA Freight HUD", "RWA Weathered", and "RWA Weathered HUD".

   3. Place them into your "Railworks\Assets\Smokebox\Consolidation\RailVehicles\Steam\Consolidation" folder.

   4. Go to "Railworks\Assets\Smokebox\Consolidation\RailVehicles\Steam\Consolidation\Default\CabView" and copy the file "ConsolidationCab.GeoPcDx".  Now paste this file into the "CabView folder" of EACH of the RWA repaint's.

   5. Go to  "Railworks\Assets\Smokebox\Consolidation\RailVehicles\Steam\Consolidation\Default\Engine" and copy the file "Consolidation.GeoPcDx".  Now paste this file into the "Engine folder" of EACH of the RWA repaint's.

  6. Go to "Railworks\Assets\Smokebox\Consolidation\RailVehicles\Steam\Consolidation\ATN on Tender\Tender" and copy the file "ConsolidationTenderNoSideNumbers.GeoPcDx".  Now paste this file into the "Tender folder" of EACH of the RWA repaint's.
Thank you for downloading this overhaul.  Please make sure to go to Railworks America, search the RWA Lakeside Addons for RW&A Consolidation Pack and give the Rating: a vote for (Mikeg1250).  We would not have these repaint's without him.

Sincerely Yours,

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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