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Allegheny Blue Ridge TGO v1.1

TS 2020
Saturday, 10 October 2020

Allegheny-Blue Ridge by Mika Adams (mikeadams2k)

Allegheny-BlueRidge_TGO_v1.1.7z - 811 MB

The engines are the work of Simon van de Laak. Originally created for MSTS

UPDATED. Original copy had 275 downloads

A new wheel patch added. Check the download drop down for the 2nd file now available.

DISCLAIMER: If you have a concern about these files, I would suggest you do not install them. If you choose to install them, do so at your own risk.
The engines are the work of Simon van de Laak. Originally created for MSTS, the source files were made available on the Elvas Tower website, with Simon's premission to use them for any purpose, as long as no money was made from them. He expressed his wish to see them 'ported' to TS. I took the source files (.3DC) and imported them into Blender via .3ds. The .3ds file format retains the UV coordinates, so 'texturing the engines was relative easy, using the original textures. I created new drivers and animated them and the valve gear. Other than a few minor cosmetic changes and the changes necessary for the cab windows, rear cab curtains, and roof hatch to operate in the external view, no other changes were made to the engine. I did add a new whistle, and altered the folder structure slightly. Try as I may, I could not get a 3-part whistle to work. I increased the texture size to 4k, with the exception of the valve gear which is 2k.
The sounds were made available by my friend Johan Pretorius. (Johansteam) 
The cab is not to scale, it is not accurate, and it is not complete. It's my best representation of what an Allehgeny cab might look like. The cab has minimal user fuctions, which include the throttle, reverser, train and loco brakes, cab windows, roof hatch, bell, whistle, and cab and gauge lights, and rear cab curtains. Also, the speedometer, boiler pressure and brake gauges work (to a point).The stoker steam, stoker jet, and feedwater gauges are slaved off the boiler pressure. Several other controls operate by mousing over them, but they do not provide any working input. I labeled them randomly, after looking at a few other cabs. It may be possible to make them functional via the engine blueprint and script files.(?) Apparently, the Blower valve is frozen, for no matter how I tried, I couldn't get it to turn.
To turn the cab lights on or off, click on the light bulb above the engineer's seat.
To turn the gauge lights on or off, click on the face of the brake gauges.
To open or close the windows, mouse over the middle window (or rear window), press the left mouse button and slide it forward or back. To close or open the rear cab curtains, from the engineer's seat, mouse over the left curtain (toward the bottom) and press the left mouse button and slide up (down to close). To operate the roof hatch, mouse over it, press the left mouse button and move the mouse toward the top of the screen to open it and toward the bottom of the screen to close it.
Here is a list of modifications made by Thor1969 (Thank you Thorsten! This was a lot of work to add these to the engines.)
- Added inputmapper including key controls for Hatch, Curtain, Cablight, Gauge Light, Air Punps and all the standard stuff.
- Fixed Boiler Gauge, now displaying correct value
- Brought all gauges in the cab to life - currently only a state of "the needles move", but planning to script this fully if I can do this. I tied some values to them, so they show a value, currently only works when handling Stoker and LiveInjector water by keyboard.
- Cylinder cocks now work manually, the additional levers for forward and rear cocks move, but do not do anything right now. Also planned to script this.
- Sander works now, same as above, forward and rear sander levers work, but only rear does actually something. Also planning scripting.
- New whistle built on three samples, to toot as long as you want :-)
- Injectors working.
- Stoker working.
- Bell now on/off switch, do not need to hold B button on keyboard anymore.
The engines can be displayed as 'clean' or 'dirty' by clicking on their respective .bat files located in the \Assets\SVDL\Addon\RailVehicles\Steam\Allegheny(Blue Ridge) folders. If you use this feature, you may want to create shortcuts to the .bat files and put them in a location of your choice. The engines are 'dirty' by default. (I did not make dirty textures for the cab.)
This project was an experiment from the start. After I got the engines working in TS and saw that there was some interest, I decided to try adding couplers, lights, smoke, sounds and finally, a cab. As you will see, I took more care with some parts, than others. It is what it is. I'm not proficient at any aspect of modeling, texturing, sounds, particles, etc. But, I've learned from the experience and hope to create a few engines of my own eventually. I hope you'll get some enjoyment from these engines.
I would like to thank those on the RWA forum who provided needed help to complete this.

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