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Central Pacific 4-4-0 reskin replacers, v2

TS 2020
Sunday, 28 June 2020

Central Pacific 4-4-0 reskin replacers, v2 by Daniel Gollery (Trainboi1)

CP_Schenectady_Textures_Mk2 - 107 MB

An update of "CPRR 'Jupiter' Retextures" on the RWA file library




Central Pacific 4-4-0 reskin replacers, version 2, by Daniel Gollery (Trainboi1 on RWA)
An update of "CPRR 'Jupiter' Retextures" on the RWA file library.

In brief: This is a reskin replacer for Smokebox's fantastic Jupiter model on Steam. It updates the textures to what we believe to have been accurate to these engines as delivered.

Detailed changes: In addition to darkening the blue and red colors to approximations of Prussian Blue and scarlet, the new engine has a polished iron spring balance support, varnished wood cab, new name textures by Andrew Brandon, black-walled tires with gold trim, deep red frame-level assets, an authentic Williams headlight livery, and several other small changes. It is designed to be as close as humanly possible to how these engines looked on entering service for the first time.

Historical disclaimer: In addition to the margin for error associated with replicating engines that were gone by the early 20th century, there are two known, notable historical errors present. First, the tender frame accents form five panels on the sides and two on the ends, and feature red in-fill bounded by black. According to the latest research, there should be three panels on the side, two on the back, and two on the front, and they should constitute a double golden stripe. The second issue is unique to Jupiter, because its headlight suffered damage in late 1868 and had to be repainted by the Sacramento shops. As a result, in May 1869, Jupiter had a prussian blue headlight with handpainted gold lining and scarlet highlighting, similarly to what is seen on the original model. No other locomotives on CP are known to have this headlight livery, so I used the Williams factory livery. It is accurate to Jupiter, just not to how it appeared at the Golden Spike ceremony.

Installation: For best results, unpack the Assets\Smokebox\Jupiter contents AP file before installing. Then, unpack the RWP file using Railworks Utilities and overwrite everything it prompts you to. 7-Zip can be used to open the RWP file as well, but this is not an officially recognized method and should only be used if the normal method fails.

Credits: Smokebox was a great help in reskinning these. He provided UV layouts, some of the original source files, beta tested the original pack, and encouraged me every step of the way, not to mention making the original pack. Even after the completion of the original model, these skins would not have been possible to this extent without his help and feedback.
Jim Wilke, Jon Davis, Kyle Wyatt, Andrew Brandon, Randy Hees, John Ott, and many others have worked together for years to publicize the information used in creating these skins. Their importance cannot be overstated in trying to do historically accurate Western representations of any kind. Additionally to that, the name textures in these skins were made by Andrew Brandon as part of a decal set, and are used with his blessing.

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


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