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How do I use repaints?

Reskins (repaints) are supplemental (additional) skins.
Q: How do I use repaints?

A: After installing them on your PC, you will see them in the game IF you are playing a scenario that uses them. In that case you have nothing else to do. So it is the scenario author who decides what skins are used. It is useless to install repaints if you don't need them for a scenario.

If you are authoring a scenario, repaints are used in exactly the same way as any asset. If it is not a repaint of a default asset for the route, you must first enable the 3rd-party provider/product for the asset in the RW scenario editor. Then you can place it on the rails.

As a player, if you want to see repaints in a scenario that does not use them, you must modify the scenario, using the RW scenario editor or the RW-Tools scenario editor, replacing existing rolling stock with the repaints. In a sense, you become the scenario author for a modified version of the scenario.


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