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Milwaukee Bay Window Caboose Pack 2

Wednesday, 23 March 2022

by Rudi (RudiJaeger)

These are repaints for the Southern Pacific C-40 bay window caboose included with the payware DTM SD45T-2-SP (Steam Store). Includes seven individually weathered Milwaukee Road rib-side bay-window caboose repaints inspired by color photos and adjusted to fit the SP C-40 model.


MLW BayWinPak 4 DTM SD45T-2 SP Chart

Milwaukee Bay Window Caboose Pack; 21 MAR 2022

Repaints by Rudi Jaeger, exclusively for the Southern Pacific C-40 bay window caboose included with the payware DTM SD45T-2-SP (Steam Store).


Includes seven individually weathered Milwaukee Road rib-side bay-window caboose repaints inspired by color photos and adjusted to fit the SP C-40 model:

MILW 02081, 02082, 01877: Painted in the 1960's all-orange scheme which initiated the mounting of the Milwaukee placard beneath the bay window.

MILW 992060, 992011, 991963: Feature the KarTrak ACI panels which became required by the Association of American Railroads (AAR) in 1967. During the late 60s, the road-number prefixes were changed from "0" to "99" because the car-tracking computers would not recognize a "0" as the first digit. The car-ends are painted in Federal Yellow which became Milwaukee Road practice in the early 1970's, although not all cars would receive this scheme.

MILW 980500: Assigned to Maintenance of Way duty as a crew car.

Note: The Milwaukee Road built the majority of it's caboose fleet in it's own shops, so there will be some degree of variation in the fabrication of the side-ribs and most notably, the types of trucks were certainly not those found on the Southern Pacific C-40 model. But I had to work with what we've got, in order to bring some resemblance of a Milwaukee "rib-side" into the sim; so all "rivet-counting" aside, I hope you will enjoy them.

Credits and thanks to DTM (Cesar Pach) for providing the product which served as the foundation for these repaints.



1. Transfer the Assets folder (from this zip-file) into your main Railworks folder. Note: There are no requirements to overwrite anything; we're simply merging my folders with your existing folders.

2. Navigate to Railworks/Assests/DTGM/SD45T-2-SP/SD45T-2-SPAssets.ap and open the .ap file using the same program used to open my caboose repaints zip-file.

3. Within the .ap file, navigate to RailVehicles/Freight/C-40caboose/ and locate the file "c-40-7.GeoPcDx" and copy it into each of the 7 new caboose folders located at Railworks/Assests/DTGM/SD45T-2-SP/RailVehicles/Freight/C-40caboose-mlw-01 thru 06, plus the folder with the mlw-mow suffix. There will also be a GundersonTwinStack folder with your new caboose folders but don't worry about it; see note-1 below for the explanation.

That's it, all done! You can find your new repaints listed in the World Editor's Assets menu by checking the block, DTM and SD45T-2-SP. They will then be listed in the Rolling Stock menu as "C-40-7 Caboose MLW 01" thru MLW 06 and MLW MoW.

Note 1: The GundersonTwinStack folder contains a modified (darker) axle texture which will supecede it's corresponding texture residing in the .ap file. There's nothing you need to do here, unless you prefer brighter axles; if so, I've included folders containing both the original and modified textures so they can easily be swapped out; just copy the preferred texture and paste it into the Textures folder, overwriting the existing file.

Note 2: I also included revised hose and coupler textures (rusty) along with the originals in case you prefer the primer-gray version. They are located at Railworks/Assests/DTGM/SD45T-2-SP/Couplers/Gunderson/Textures. Again, nothing to do here, unless you want to swap them out as per the procedure described in note-1.

Note 3: Each of these repaint folders contain some behind-the-scenes textures that make each repaint unique; for example, trucks, decals, toned-down alpha layers, modified normals, etc. So if you accidently delete something, please ensure that you replace the file/s from it's corresponding folder in this zip-file. Otherwise, your caboose could end up with a clean suit and dirty shoes, or visa-versa.

Note 4: The model does not provide any interior details or crew; so don't worry if you look inside and it's empty, it's supposed to be.

Note 5. The naming conventions for these repaints are long enough already, so I included a key-chart, "DTM C-40caboose - MILW Units Key Chart.jpg" to identify MLW 01, MLW 02, and so forth. Hopefully, this comes in handy when selecting cars in the assets menu. Have fun!


Disclaimer: These files are for your personal enjoyment and are not to be redistributed. This product shall remain freeware and is to be hosted exclusively by Railworks America. I am not responsible for any issues you may encounter after downloading the file; it is your responsibilty to follow the installation instructions to achieve a correct setup. If for any reason you are having difficulties with the installation, please contact me at Railworks America, or seek guidance in the forum; there is also plenty of useful information available from the search function - please try that method first.
Thanks! ~ Rudi

MLW BayWinPak 4 DTM SD45T-2 SP 01

MLW BayWinPak 4 DTM SD45T-2 SP 02

MLW BayWinPak 4 DTM SD45T-2 SP 03

MLW BayWinPak 4 DTM SD45T-2 SP 04

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


DTG's Required Disclaimer

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The RailWorks EULA sets out in detail how user generated content may be used, which you can review further here: www.railsimulator.com/terms. In particular, this user generated content includes work which remains the intellectual property of RailSimulator.com Limited and which may not be rented, leased, sub-licensed, modified, adapted,copied, reproduced or redistributed without the permission of RailSimulator.com Limited."


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