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ICG 3 F3 repaints

Saturday, 01 February 2020
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A repaint of the Feather River F7 from DTG, with 3 different numbers on the side panels.

by Buzz baxter (Buzz456)


ICG 3 F3

You will need the Feather River Route by DTG as this re-paint is based on the F7 from there.  Run the installer or drill down and place these where indicated then copy and paste AUnit_36_37CFe.GeoPcDx  from the default Engine folder into the ICG\Engine, ICG\Engine_1615 and ICG\Engine_1620 folder. Then copy the Cabview folder from the Default F7 and paste it into the ICG folder  Once again I want to thank Kevin Schulz from Searchlight Simulations for the side panel decals without which this paint would not be possible.  When you go to run this the Searchlight Simulations Feather River needs to be checked for the names on the sides to show up properly.  If you are running a QD you'll probably need to start it then go into edit and click the Searchlight buttons for the side panels and numbers to show up.

Additionally I want to thank Howard (cnwfan) for his help in beta testing these three locomotives.  There was a lot of detail to work through and he went above and beyond in his time to get this to here.

There were only F3's repainted from the GM&O paint scheme to this beautiful Illinois Central Gulf livery.  I've done my best to bring these back to life.  On the real railroad they often ran in tandem with the different GM&O liveries.

Buzz456 at RWA

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