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Freeware Legacy TS2012 Rolling Stock

Are you looking for more freight car models for your U.S. freight car fleet in Train Simulator? You don't mind running models that may have fallen a bit behind the latest trends and improvements but that besides possibly looking a bit dated still operate just fine? Then I may have something on my website that might interest you:

  • Santa Fe 40' PS-1 Boxcars Pack
  • Milwaukee Road 40' and 50' PS-1 Boxcars Pack
  • Modern Freight Cars Pack (52' mill gondola, exterior-post 50' boxcar, 50' hi-cube boxcar)
  • Northern Pacific 40' Ice-Box Reefers Pack (also including GN, MILW, CB&Q liveries)
  • TOFC Cars, 1st generation 50' flatcars with single trailers on them, various eastern and western railroads)

Please visit Golden Age of Railroading to download the cars and for more information.


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