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Amtrak P42DC Upgrade Pack

Saturday, 20 February 2021

by (7FDL1688)

This pack is a texture and audio upgrade to the “Amtrak P42DC 'Empire Builder' Loco Add-On”.




Amtrak P42DC Upgrade Pack

This pack is an upgrade to the “Amtrak P42DC 'Empire Builder' Loco Add-On”
available here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/222627/Train_Simulator_Amtrak_P42_DC_Empire_Builder_Loco_AddOn/

This upgrade includes improved textures, getting as close as possible to Amtrak's Phase V color scheme (the default colors are way off):

  • Anthracite gray underbody.
  • Amtrak red sill stripe.
  • Amtrak blue nose, roof, “Travelmark” logo and numbers.

I didn't touch the body since it looks close enough to Amtrak’s platinum mist color.

These engines are not supposed to look brand new. Although I corrected the colors they still look weathered (Not dilapidated, but weathered nonetheless). They probably have close to 1 million miles on them.

This pack also includes a sound upgrade since the default audio sounds nothing like a P42DC. I'm not a computer programmer so I had to work within the limitations of the game. However, these sounds are from actual recordings:

  • GE 7FDL-16 prime mover in normal mode (200-1047 RPM) and HEP mode (900-908 RPM).

The sound is directly linked to the RPM. So, for the HEP engines I gave it 1 RPM per throttle notch. That way you can hear the change in sound according to the throttle position. As you give it more power, the rhythm/beat of the engine stays the same like in real life (900 RPM regardless of throttle notch). But, the base sound becomes more powerful and the engine sounds more "grouchy". Also when you have non-HEP and HEP engines combined, the sound from the HEP engines will overpower the much quieter non-HEP engines. That is until the non-HEP engines surpass 900 RPM (notch 7 & 8). Then, they become KING!

  • Ignition and shutdown sequence.

The ignition sequence is from a P42DC that idles at 200 RPM, which works fine for the non-HEP engines. But, because of the way the audio program works I was forced to modify the ignition sequence of the HEP engines. So, they take 2 minutes, 10 seconds to reach 900 RPM (Anything faster and the engine sound will overlap badly over the startup sound).

  • Compressor sounds.

Sorry, no "whoop" sound. The audio program only allows for the "compressor running" and "compressor stop" sounds.

  • Amtrak K5LA Horn and Horn Sequencer.

SPEAKER ALERT: This is not the typical “bystander” recording of a P42DC passing by. The sound was recorded up close to the horn assembly itself, so it's REALLY, REALLY LOUD.


These add-ons are CRITICAL for the operation of the engines. Install them BEFORE you install this pack!


Non-HEP Engine Installation:

1. Once you install the required add-ons, using File Explorer, go to the folder located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Assets\RSC\P42Pack01.
2. Drop the Audio and RailVehicles folders from this pack into the folder you just opened.

Phase V HEP Engine Installation:
1. Using 7-Zip File Manager, open the P42Pack01Assets.ap file.
2. Inside the P42Pack01Assets.ap file, go to RailVehicles\Diesel\P42DC\Amtrak.
3. Open the RailVehicles folder you just dropped and go to Diesel\P42DC\Amtrak HEP.
4. Drop the CabView folder from the P42Pack01Assets.ap file into the Amtrak HEP folder from step 3.
5. Inside the Amtrak HEP folder open the Locomotive folder.
6. In the P42Pack01Assets.ap file open the Locomotive folder inside the Amtrak folder.
7. Drop the GX_P42_Amtk.GeoPcDx file into the Locomotive folder from step 5.

40th Anniversary HEP Engine installation:
1. Inside the RailVehicles folder you just dropped, go to Diesel\P42DC\Amtrak 40th HEP\Locomotive.
2. Inside the P42Pack01Assets.ap file, go to RailVehicles\Diesel\P42DC\Amtrak 40th\Locomotive.
3. Drop the GX_P42_Amtk40th.GeoPcDx file into the Locomotive folder from step 1.


The default consists don't have HEP engines. To use HEP engines you have to edit/make up a consist in "Quick Drive". You have the option to use HEP and non-HEP engines with or without drivers.

Engines with Drivers:
RSC P42DC Amtrak PhV
RSC P42DC Amtrak PhV HEP
RSC P42DC Amtrak 40th
RSC P42DC Amtrak 40th HEP

Engines without Drivers:
RSC P42DC Amtrak PhV-NC
RSC P42DC Amtrak 40th/NC
RSC P42DC Amtrak 40th/NC HEP



Use this pack at your own risk! I am NOT responsible for whatever happens to your computer or speakers. This pack is solely for your entertainment. It is strictly forbidden to use it for any commercial purpose. Distribution is prohibited without my permission.

Please accept license agreement before downloading

Please remember even those this file is free, the author still has rights to the file. Be sure to read the readme that is enclosed for further copyright information and instructions to install the file.


DTG's Required Disclaimer

"IMPORTANT NOTICE. Everything on this site is user generated content designed for use with RailSimulator.com Limited’s train simulation products, including RailWorks 4: Train Simulator 2013, Train Simulator 2014 and Train Simulator 2015. RailSimulator.com Limited does not approve or endorse this user generated content and does not accept any liability or responsibility regarding it.

This user generated content has not been screened or tested by RailSimulator.com Limited. Accordingly, it may adversely affect your use of RailSimulator.com’s products. If you install this user generated content and it infringes the rules regarding user-generated content, RailSimulator.com Limited may choose to discontinue any support for that product which they may otherwise have provided.

The RailWorks EULA sets out in detail how user generated content may be used, which you can review further here: www.railsimulator.com/terms. In particular, this user generated content includes work which remains the intellectual property of RailSimulator.com Limited and which may not be rented, leased, sub-licensed, modified, adapted,copied, reproduced or redistributed without the permission of RailSimulator.com Limited."


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