C&O Alleghany

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C&O Alleghany

Unread postby Samwolf » Thu Jun 07, 2012 6:47 am

Developer: Toripony

Freeware or Payware: Freeware

Status (RW2, RW3, New, Updated): RW3

What to do (Switching, hauling, both): Switching, hauling, both

Where is it set: West Virginia, Virginia, USA

What time-frame: 1970's to Present

Where to get it. Not available at this time.

[b][color=#0000A0]Back story
(please be brief): A free add-on route for Railworks - TrainSimulator. It is a mostly prototypical recreation of the real CSX Alleghany Subdivision connecting Hinton, WV with Clifton Forge, VA, the birthplace of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Company. Originally a division and then a subdivision, this double-track route has served for 140 years through the growth of the C&O into Chessie System, and today, into CSX Corporation.

I started building this for my own nostalgic fun as a virtual model railroading hobby. The goal is to recreate the subdivision and surrounding countryside as I knew it growing up there in the 1970's. My father worked on this subdivision for 43 years, so through his “reports about his day” each evening at dinner, a few rides in trains and his hi-railer, and many years of walking the tracks, the line seemed like part of my backyard. COA for RW is built using only game default and freely available user-created content from around the world. To keep this add-on free, some accuracies of the Alleghany were sacrificed but all functions and facilities of interest are represented as closely as possible using the materials ava

REQUIREMENTS: (These instructions have changed for beta4.5!!)

The Route and Assets packages require 1.2GB of free hard drive space to install (this does not include the additional required assets listed below). The asset pack for this route is all inclusive except for rolling stock and the following addons which you must download and install yourself:


Get SMMDigitals Road Crossing Gates

Get RS Rural Landscapes (Freeware)
Get RS ScaleRoad (Freeware)
Get RW SP ScaleRail (Freeware)

Get UK Buildings Model Pack (Free DLC), free at RailSimulator.Com DLC store at Steam .

Some rolling stock addons are required for some of the included scenarios. Most of them can be downloaded here in the freeware COA Rolling Stock Pack, however you must install (and purchase in some cases) the following items yourself:

Click link to see optional addons: Not available at this time.

Screenshots (optional-no more than 5):




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